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Buy Nintendo 3DS
Monday, 12 July 2010
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Nintendo 3-DS

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6 Years ago the prosperity of Nintendo's Hand-held influence appeared condemned to bankruptcy. With expanded competition from new entrants into the landscape many forecast the world-wide loss of gamings longest standing developer. Yet here we find ourselves, 20 years after the launch of the Original Game Boy, on the cusp of gamings most arresting new prospect. Here comes the Nintendo 3-DS

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So what's the big hype with the Nintendo3DS?

To know the significance of such a event, we would initially need to understand why Nintendo are so loved around the world to begin with; To auspiciously answer the question we would need to take a trip back in time to September 1990, to enjoy the release of the original Game Boy; a time when I was just old enough to understand the importance of such an event. Children around the world were wowed by the ability to take gaming in the move and were benefited such delights as 'Legend of Zelda Legend of Zelda' and the timeless 'Tetris'. A star was indeed born.
The influence of the first Game Boy didn't stop there. Ten years later and with Sixty million sales completed, Nintendo launched the Game Boy colour that went on to gain giddiness through the minds of young boys everywhere. Seven Game Boy variations (and almost limitless colour options) later Nintendo progressed to the next step towards demonstrating the ffuture of the Hand-held Gaming scene.

Nintendo D S.

The release of the Nintendo 3-DS was met with suspicion in December 2004. During a time when Sony was expected to take Nintendo's Hand-Held Crown with its Playstation Portable, many gaming aficionado pondered whether Nintendo's progressive hand held would be enough to compete with Playstation graphics. Many predicted the End of Nintendo's gaming career, especially with the underwhelming of the Nintendo 64.
And here we are close to six years in the future with Nintendo unpredictably dominating the gaming Landscape. Their insistence to create market leading products has resulted in an higher installation base of consumers and even more types of the NintendoDS (the DS Lite in 2006, Dsi in 2009 and most recently Ds-XL in 2010) before unexpectedly revealing the newest generation Nintendo 3DS at 2010's E3 conference.


So can we expect from Nintendo 3-DSbringing to the gaming world that makes it such a global event?
Later we will look at the innovations that Nintendo's latest hand-held is taking over its earlier incarnation and look at why you should be spending your hard earned cash to own one of the most highly anticipated pieces of technology in recent times.

3D Dual Screen Technology

OK, so this isn't exactly innovative, but this shouldn't take away from its notability. The Dual Screen on the original DS is the reason that we have been able to experience new ways to obsess over games and represents one of the freshest ideas in gaming today. Initial worries over the necessity to wear 'special 3D {specs'|glasses' to createthe 3D effect have been absolved with recent explanations. The upper display on Nintendo3DS allows a Full colour 5:3, 3.53 inch screen with a 800x240 resolution (400x240 projected to each eye) and creates to much touted 3 Dimensional affect, while the lower screen is a 4:3, 3.02 inch screen similar to prior iterations.
Recent reports claim that although no 'glasses' are needed to experience the 3 Dimensional effects the system does require holding at a certain angle for the best picture. Thankfully Nintendo reports to have completed liberal research to indicative that the 'best viewing position' (located around 1.5-2ft.) has been considered for, and the 3-D effect usually found in the most comfortable playing position for the standard player. The is also a slider switch located towards the exterior of the device that makes it possible the user to adjust the intensity of the 3 Dimensional effect.

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Nub Slider Control

Alongside the timeless directional padcontrol method, Nintendo has added a 'Analogue slider' for a more versatile amount of control styles. Lying above the directional pad, this is much like to the 'Nub Slider found on Sony's PSP device and will most likely create a more comfortable way of viewing three dimensional landscapes.

Twin Camera Hardware

To heighten the possibilities surrounding the three dimensional screen, Nintendo are also outfitting the Nintendo 3DS with 2 cameras on the exterior of the machine. This will inspire the user to capture three dimensional shots on their Nintendo3DS. It is also likely that with the new networking progressions owners will be allowed to email these shots directly to other Nintendo3DS users/friends, designing many possibilities for the creative.


Recently confirmed for the system, Nintendo 3ds updated wifi capabilities makes it easier than ever for players to play with their buddies around the world. Including the functional nature of the device to receive data even whilst in sleep mode, the possibilities for the creative people are near limitless.

Launch Date

Whilst there is no official launch date for the device has not yet been confirmed though it will most likely be 1 of 2. Nintendo officially announced that the hardware would be available at the end of their fiscal year (which is in April). Though a recent interview indicated that we could see a 'Christmas 2010' release. Don't be surprised if this shows to be 2010's Christmas Number 1!

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Recent Update!
3 Dimensional Films and Games

Should the above not be enough to convince you that you need to pre-order your Nintendo 3DS today, then the inclusion of 3D feature length films must at least make you reconsider. Whilst the update of 3DThree Dimensional gaming has excited players around the world (the confirmed releases of Kid Icarus:Uprising and Mario Kart 3D have created particular interest) the news that the device would offer 3 Dimensional movies must also create giddy feelings for parents hoping to keep their children entertained on long journeys. Deals with DreamWorks, Dreamworks and DreamWorks are currently boosting the dreams of portable versions\incarnation of the latest recent 3Dmovies including 'How to train your Dragon' and'Shrek'.

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Posted by trentis3walters at 6:54 AM EDT
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